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As a female athlete trying to achieve big things in a male dominated culture, how women are portrayed in the media, especially athletes, is a topic close to my heart. Sport. Sport has given me so much. Confidence, strength, health, life-long friendships, the ability to travel, and unforgettable memories.

One Friday morning as I lay achy legged browsing twitter post tempo workout I came across The Huffington Post’s ’50 Great Sports Pictures of The Year 2013.’ As I scrolled through these inspirational sporting moments, I noticed none of the images were of sports women (I’ll take a risk and say the women in bikinis watching the Grand Prix don’t qualify).

Throughout history, sports participation has been seen as a predominantly masculine domain. Sporting culture instills its own norms concerning acceptance of and attitudes toward women. The lines that separate gender in sport are historically ingrained in society’s way of thinking. Although these boundaries have begun to fade, there are numerous examples that affirm these boundaries are still present in the attitudes of today’s society. This is no criticism on the author, and understand it is difficult to represent so many great sporting achievements in 50 images alone, but surely Shellie-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s World Championships double is a greater sporting moment than Jose Mourinho stood with his hands behind his back?

I feel women deserve more recognition in sport than they currently receive. So, off the top of my head (and I mean 60 seconds of thought), here are just 5 great moments, in no particular order of women achieving great things in sport in 2013.

Shellie-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s World Championship Double

Non Stanford winning the World Triathlon Series in Hyde Park

England Cricketers winning The Ashes

Christine Ohuruogu’s World Championship Gold and breaking Kathy Cook’s 400m 29 year old record

UCI Track Cycling World Championships 2013: Great Britain’s women beat Australia to retain team pursuit title

Like I said, I’m no journalist, just a girl who runs too much and is passionate about women getting the recognition they deserve through their inspirational achievements in sport. As a woman heavily invested in sport, I recognize extreme potential sport holds to promoting so many positives, including inspiring the next generation and making girls aware of the great things they can achieve.

“Above all, be the heroin of your life, not the victim”- Nora Ephon

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